Best cameras for Wedding & Portrait Photographers in 2021 | Photographers Growth

Best cameras for Wedding & Portrait Photographers in 2021

By Gaston Garcia

Best cameras for Wedding & Portrait Photographers in 2021 | Photographers Growth

I want to start this post by bringing up one very-important detail: Cameras are tools. Like every other tool, buying the most expensive one will help you do the job more efficiently and enjoyably.

That being said, you do not need these cameras to have a successful photography business. In 90% of scenarios, these cameras will not help you earn more money.

As a wedding and portrait photographer, I made a list of cameras that I think are ideal for our work.

Here are a few of my top choices:



For portrait photographers, the simple and easy choice is to buy a Canon EOS R6. It is an absolute joy to use and it is FAST.

If you take portraits in a studio, you might want to consider the EOS R5 instead. It boasts 45mp instead of 20, which is a must if you're shooting for billboards or high-end magazines.

If you can't afford either one of these bodies, the Canon EOS R is a fantastic alternative. It is a bit slower, but the image quality is almost identical to the R6.



Most wedding photographers will opt for the Nikon Z6 II. It's an improved model over the original Nikon Z6 (faster autofocus, buffer, and FPS, improved EVF).

Like Canon, you can opt for the bigger sibling: the Nikon Z7II is the right choice if you need the extra megapixels.

Both of these cameras will do a fantastic job at any photoshoot or event, and you're not missing anything if you're choosing one over the other for a portrait or wedding studio.



Sony has been a long-time established player in the mirrorless world, and there's a simple reason for this: They've been iterating camera models for a few years now.

My pick for any wedding and portrait photographer would be the Sony a7III. It is an outstanding camera that won't let you down.

It is cheaper than Canon and Nikon alternatives at the moment of writing this (early 2021), probably because Sony will launch the IV version very soon.
The bigger brother is the a7R IV, which is one of the best cameras on the market, alongside the Nikon Z7II and the EOS R5 for portrait work.



The best options from Fuji for portrait photographers at the moment are the Fuji X-T4 or the X-Pro3. Both of these cameras are extremely capable and deliver gorgeous colors.

Even though I own a Fuji myself (and a few Canon bodies), I think Fujifilm cameras are not at the same image-quality level as its full-frame competitors.
They're catching up, but I just love modern full-frame sensors and their ability to isolate subjects while rendering beautiful out-of-focus backgrounds



Almost every camera that you can purchase these days will give you the right image quality to start a portrait business. You do not need the most expensive models, but getting modern gear helps you simplify your job.

If you can get your hands on one of these models listed in this post, go for it. If you can't, make sure to master the camera you have these days (or the one you can afford), and you will be much better off than with a great camera and little or no skills.

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