Social Proof: The secret tool for Photography Businesses | Photographers Growth

Social Proof: The secret tool for Photography Businesses

By Gaston Garcia

Social Proof: The secret tool for Photography Businesses | Photographers Growth

What do you think of when you read “social proof”?
Reviews might come to your mind… but what else?

Is that it?

Well… kinda. But’s a lot more complex that it sounds.

For photographers, there’s a lot of situations that can be solved using social proof.



Whether you know it or not, most of your clients have multiple objections running through their minds before, during, and after booking your services as a portrait or wedding photographer.

Here are a few examples:
- Is he/she talented enough?
- Is he/she worth is outrageous amount of money?
- Is he/she worth of my time/money?
- Are there better alternatives out there?
- Is this the photography style that I like the most?
- Will I like my pictures enough if I hire him/her?
- Will he/she be on time?
- Will he/she be prompt when replying my emails after I send a deposit?
- Will he/she run away with my deposit?
- What if he/she is ill on our wedding day?
- What if it rains? All of his/her photos look so-perfectly-sunny.
- What about these reviews? Are these even real people?
- Is he/she faking it or is actually busy?

And so on.

You might be a fantastic photographer, but you have to become a good salesman/woman if you want to succeed. If you want your business to grow as much as the quality of the work you put out there.

So what can social proof do for you?
Well, a ton of things, if you use it wisely. And that’s what I’m going to teach you.



The first thing you must do is to gather reviews.
It doesn’t matter if you took pictures of your cousin and you’re afraid of asking them for a review. You have to do it because we all have to start somewhere. Don’t write fake reviews and definitely don’t buy reviews, ask for them.



“Would you review my business?” Is not the right way to do this.

What can someone possibly say?

Five Stars: “The images are great, I’m happy. Thank you for your services!”
That’s an awful review.

Does it count? Yes.
Does it display as five shiny stars on your profile? Yes
Does it help? Yes and No.

It helps to inflate your numbers, but it doesn’t close a sale. It doesn’t get you one more booking.
It doesn’t convince another customer to buy from you.


Because it looks like they don’t care enough about what you did for them.
It looks like they were forced to write it.
And if your profile is not-so-great, it might look fake.

So.. how do you ask?

Well, you have to ask open questions. Make them think, feel, and then write. In that order.

But how?

“Hey, if you love your images, I’d like to ask for you a quick review on {LINK}. I’d like to know how I made you feel. How did your images turned out? Did I meet your expectations? Would you work with me again?

It might only take a minute of your time but it would mean the world to me if you write a little bit about your experience. Thank you!”

Do you see the difference?



So.. you collected your reviews.
You asked real people and they wrote them for you.

You might have 6 amazingly written reviews instead of 10 people who just picked the 5 stars and said that you were great.

You have a new selling tool.
Now, let’s use it.

Display your reviews throughout the key sections of your photography website.

Where’s that?

I’m glad you asked. The first thing you want to do is include reviews after the “hero” section of your site. The FIRST thing you see when you open a website and scroll down. That’s where you need to place one or two glowing reviews about how truly amazing you are and how stunning the images came out.

The second most important place, is on your Contact page.

Why second? Because you already convinced someone to visit your contact page (YAY!), now you need to convince them to fill out that form and hit “Send”.

Make sure that the reviews you include in there are amazing. Make sure that they’re convincing.
Make sure that you would hire yourself if you read them out loud.



Most of the time, when clients reach out to you will compare your pricing at least with one or two other photographers to make sure that they’re getting a good deal.

Even if you’re not the cheapest (and you shouldn’t be!), they want to confirm that what they’re getting makes sense in their pockets, because they already made their minds.

When you give clients information, you should always include either a full review, or a link to your reviews just in case they’re still hesitating about you.

You don’t want to push them to read more of them, but you want to give them access in case they need that extra “push”. Make it easy for them to find it. It could be inside the PDF file you sent them, on your email signature, or even on your price-list if it’s online.



Growing your photography business shouldn’t be a matter of luck.
It should be a decision.

An active one.

Focus on eliminating the objections your clients have about you, and you’ll be booking more photography clients in no time.

The best way to eliminate objections is through reviews because you’re not telling them what to think about you. Someone else is.

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