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Hey, I'm Gaston Garcia. I'm a destination wedding photographer with over 800 weddings under my belt.

I've been running a very profitable photography business since 2015, and I've been working in the wedding industry since 2010. During my early days, I noticed that most photographers were broke or couldn't make it past the "photographer wannabe" phase. I was shooting 80+ weddings per year, and they were saying that the market was saturated.

There was enough work for everybody, but they couldn't see it. That's why I started creating content to help photographers like you book more clients. That's my ultimate goal, my mission.

I hired a small team of designers and writers to create products, templates, and tools that will make your life easier. Booking photography clients should be as easy as following a few simple steps and increasing your brand's value as soon as they get in contact with you.

I can help you with that.

Have a look at some of our best templates.