Wedding Day Questionnaire

The questions are meant to gather all the necessary information about:

  • Couple contact details
  • Getting ready time & location
  • Ceremony details
  • Formals
  • Session
  • Reception
  • Vendors
  • Social Media & Privacy

Here's what you get

The same questionnaire in three different formats to make sure that your client gets a professionally crafted solution in the format that suits you best.

  • printable Photoshop (PSD) file with all the questions in a gorgeous design (shown in photos). The size is A4, fully ready to be edited and printed with your branding in it. It can also be compiled in Photoshop to a beautiful PDF to be sent over email.

  • A fully customizable online form created in Google Forms™ that can be filled by your clients on any laptop, desktop, or mobile phone. You can "print" the answers to a PDF file and keep it on your phone for the wedding day.

  • A simple Google Docs / Word document that anyone can edit or fill with no technical knowledge for those old-school clients.

  • Instructions on how to compile a PDF from Photoshop and how to print the answers from Google Forms to your computer/phone.